OzoBlockly gives you the power to fully control your Ozobot's movement and behavior. Powered by Google’s Blockly, OzoBlockly offers five modes from Pre-Reader with icon-based blocks to Master with support for many low-level functions and advanced programming concepts. It has something for everyone!


Suitable even for pre-schoolers, Pre-Reader is the most basic toolbox mode in OzoBlockly. It has only icon-based blocks that are large and easy to assemble.


The Beginner toolbox mode extends from Pre-Reader with the introduction of simple loops. Blocks are now described as text titles and icons.


Control Ozobot's ability to follow lines using the Line Navigation category. The Intermediate toolbox mode also introduces select Logic blocks.


The Advanced mode significantly expands Ozobot's programmability with the introduction of advanced loops and logic, integers, variables and functions.


Take full control over Ozobot in Master mode with its extensive low-level control functions and advanced programming features.

Introduction to OzoBlockly

Watch this tutorial to learn how to program the Ozobot Bit robot using the OzoBlockly editor. Learn how to create a block-based program and load it into Ozobot Bit. Ozobot Evo video tutorial is coming soon.

Is my Ozobot compatible with OzoBlockly?

ozobot compatibility chart